Finishing training is exciting and can be intimidating. We take the guesswork out and create a smooth and successful transition into practice. As you continue through residency, track and prepare these materials to avoid last-minute scrambles for information when it’s time to apply for your license:

  • Proof of prior medical education and graduate training
  • Proof of successful completion of all three steps of the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
  • Any additional materials your state medical board requires for licensure

The licensure process requires physicians to complete individual applications for each state in which they seek to practice medicine (including telemedicine), We
recommends these licensure tips:

Prepare your documents early, and track your progress in training.
Licensure requirements for U.S medical graduates differ by state, but all states will require proof of certain documents to demonstrate your credibility as a physician.  “Direct primary-source verification of education, graduate training, exam scores, references, current and past licenses, additional queries, profiles, and reviews will be expected.


  • Screen provider for eligibility of Medical Licensing, Provider Enrollment or Privileging needs.
  • Assign specialist that can be reached via phone, video conference or email.
  • Application preparation
  • Submission of Reference forms to Peer references
  • Request of Transcripts, Exam scores, Affiliations
  • Provide draft application for review and signatures along with step by step instructions to guide through process
  • Application submissions
  • Confirm delivery of requested verification and required documents with board. Ex. Exam scores, transcripts etc.
  • Provide weekly updates via email or text

We strive to break records at Bridge Way Our fee covers all services including:

  • Application completion
  • Requesting all needed verifications
  • Handling all follow-up communications with the state medical boards
  • **Please note that the applicant is responsible for paying for all license requirements such as the application fees, shipment fees, transcript fees, license verification fees, exam score fees, FCVS fees, NPDB.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar