We complete all applications, request primary source credential verifications, including licenses, privileges, education/training, certifications, professional liability insurance coverage and more until licensure, privileges or enrollment is granted.
We understand that time is of the essence for all of our clients and that is why we are happy to offer our services – we can take care of the hassle involved in obtaining a new medical license, hospital privileges or provider enrollment. We conduct a short call or review CV to screen provider requirements and to explain all necessary required documentation we will need to move forward. From then on, we complete the busy work until we finally need your signature to submit the application. We handle the burdensome legwork, we simply simplify the process. We believe building a relationship is more valuable than simply building a client list.

Let’s Get Started

Certification/Credentialing/Provider Enrollment

  • Primary source Credential verification
  • Provider Maintenance and Re-credentialing
  • CAQH Enrollment
  • Hospital Privileges
  • Provider Health plan, Managed Care Enrollment PA, Behavioral Health, Dentist
  • MCR MCD Provider Enrollment

Medical Licensing/Telemedicine

Physicians, Allied Health professionals, Behavioral Health providers

  • Screen
  • Prepare draft for review
  • Request verification, exams, transcripts
  • Submit final app
  • Follow up on status

CV create/update

Traditionally a Curriculum Vitae is utilized for many medical and specialized career fields.

  • Craft concise CV
  • Organize polish information
  • Update Locums Tenens assignments

 Notary Service

  • Acknowledgments
  • Attesting Photocopies
  • Solemnizing marriages
  • Certifying contents of Safe Deposit box
  • Oaths
  • Verifying vehicle ID#’s

Hospitality Security Screening

In the field of security, your customers trust you with their personal safety and private information. It’s crucial to know that the people linked to your company are trustworthy. Our background checks and verification help you reduce fraud and security risks, and decrease liabilities. We help you learn the truth about candidates, so you can choose only the best.


Compliance is a factor in every industry. But there’s particular pressure on government agencies and contractors to maintain compliance with regulations. Our thorough, accurate background checks can help protect your eligibility for public projects.

DEA/CSR Registration

DEA registration is required for providers that prescribe controlled substances. In some states a Controlled substance registration is required in addition to DEA.

  • Initial
  • Renewal
  • Change of address


To offer entities the opportunity to safeguard and secure lives- of their company and staff.

  • Mobile Fingerprinting
  • Live Scan
  • Background checks
  • AHCA


Ask An Expert


I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and guidance to help me obtain both my Florida and Hawaii Osteopathic Medical licenses.  Because of my busy work schedule, I could not have accomplished what you were able to do for me in such a short period of time.  You made the entire task doable and easy.  I will recommend your services to anyone seeking to obtain their Medical License.  G. Aglialoro D.O. Licensed in FL, HI

I am extremely pleased with the services of Bridge Way Credentialing, I have worked with them for several years now.  They have assisted in obtaining Medical licenses as well as other ancillary services and effectively navigate roadblocks and have never failed to obtain a license.  I have recommended Bridge Way to numerous colleagues without reservation. Timely, efficient, take the stress out of the process with a very pleasant demeanor.  S. Zimmelman, D.O. Licensed in KY, AZ, OH, CA, NJ, KY

Excellent work Bridge Way Credentialing!  Efficiency, effectiveness, timeliness and thoroughness are the hallmarks of your work.  I have used many credentialing and licensing companies in the past none provided the personal services my hectic schedule requires.  I can say I highly recommend Bridge Way Credentialing. S. Pandya D.O. Licensed MI, NM, OK, GA, NY