Terms and Conditions

Health Provide is hiring (Bridge Way Credentialing, LLC) to assist for Medical Licensure, Provider Enrollment, Registration, Hospital Privileges, and Credentials as selected in contract or online. I understand the information I provide will be transcribed online or to a paper application and I will affirm its accuracy and completeness. HP understands that BWC cannot guarantee issuance of licensure, granting of privileges and or enrollment. BWC is not responsible for changes in eligibility requirements imposed by entities.

Additional Expenses (If applicable):

Expenses will be billed as actually accrued on a monthly basis and are due on receipt of our statement. We do not bill for, administrative work, or related office expenses. If additional resources are required such as explanation letters, retrieval or court documents, PRN files etc. BWC will inform and provide the cost to collect required documentation.  Fees charged by other entities such as: Medical licensing, DEA registration, CDS Registration, Exam, Transcripts etc. are entirely separate and will be explained before to provide an exact cost to Provider/Practice.

Omission of Info

If required or requested info is omitted which is required to complete application. Provider/Practice will be provided to additional fees to prepare application. Amendments or subsequent document requests.

International Credentials


Services do not include collecting records held or maintained outside U.S. These services are charged on any hourly basis. In addition there will be fees incurred from/by entities.


Expired Documents

-Are not valid

-Delay processing time

-Expired documents for inactivity to file or delay in providing/producing in timely fashion will require to be requested and repaid to facility entities.


Facility/Provider Responsibilities

  • HP will supply Bridge Way Credentialing with a complete listing of all demographic information and required credentialing documents as well as complete listing of services to be provided.
  • Provide Tax Id to be billed
  • Provide authorization to negotiate on behalf of HP
  • Provide documents in a timely fashion therefore to avoid delays. In the event of an unforeseen delay HP will understand delays affect and influence projects.
  • Communication is key to keeping each other aware of all aspects of projects.


Bridge Way Credentialing sends HP invoices on a monthly basis or as outlined herein under “Fees” and the invoices are due Net-15. HP can issue payment electronically (by wire transfer/ACH), or by check or credit card*. All invoices that exceed the 15-day payment policy will be assessed a late fee of not less than 1.5% per month of the balance due until payment is received. Additionally, services may be suspended until payment is received and after 90 days, HP shall be sent to collections.

*Bridge Way Credentialing charges a pass-through service fee of 3.5% for all credit card payments. Additionally, a credit card authorization and/or ACH transaction authorization must be kept on file with BWC and BWC shall debit client’s credit card or bank via ACH payment should HP; (1) become in default and (2)**prefer for BWC to debit their account(s) for all services/orders on a monthly basis. Fees charged for insufficient funds will be added to HP account as a $30 charge per check.


In the event of termination of contract by the HP which is not justified by a material default, Bridge Way shall be entitled to payment from the HP for all cost incurred for which have not been received, including but not limited to, reasonable overhead, profit, expenses, including attorneys’ fees, interest, and profit on unperformed work.


Provider or Practice agrees if file becomes dormant for more than 60 days it will be placed on hold and Provider/Practice will be required to pay a reactivation fee.